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 Step through the beveled glass doors to the Oak Room and it's as if you've taken a step through time and space, back to the 19th century and a place where noblemen gathered to tell tales of glorious hunts and acts of chivalry.

 Like the other rooms at Grand Prospect Hall, The Oak Room was designed at the turn of the century to rival the Victorian elegance of Europe. But this room was reserved as a gathering place for the Gentlemen.  Each detail of the decor from the sturdy tiger oak paneling to the murals high on the walls depicting the spirit of European royal life - reflects a strong, masculine flair.

 Here, beneath the centerpiece mural of the serving maid accompanied by  angels beckoning: "Come in Brooklynites! You cannot live by water alone!"  was a place to relax, discuss politics and the events of the day, while  keeping company with the other members of the genteel society.

 Today the Oak Room continues its auspicious past and its century-old  tradition of elegant service and fine Dining.

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